Why should you start a Blog?

I sometimes believe when we are looking for answers, we somehow get the questions wrong. Whenever you start a journey, in this case, a very digital one, you must ask yourself Why, of all the things to do in the world, should I begin blogging?

It’s good to ask the right questions at the start; this way, you know why you are doing it, making it more probable that you will see the task through.

So, why blog? Because it is such a wonderful gift in itself. Let me paint you a picture. What if you could talk about some of your favourite things to do in the world and not be bothered if people around you are listening or not? Better, what if you could share your opinions about your passions in a community with the same interests? Sounds lovely, right? It absolutely is.

Blogging is sitting in a class full of people who love the same things as you. You are allowed to think out loud, speak for endless hours, and, more importantly, feel a sense of community around you. The only difference is that all of this happens online.

It’s like when you say, ‘I can talk about this for hours’, and then someone says, ‘please do.’ 

But then, why would people listen to you? There are thousands of blogs out there; why would someone care about what a novice blogger has to say? Harsh question, isn’t it? It is, but it has a rather simple answer: because they aren’t you.

No, this isn’t false praise someone would use to make you sign up for their free webinar, but something that makes a lot of sense.

You are a culmination of numerous years of cultures, education, experiences, and values, and all of these help shape your opinions of the world. If you think about it, your opinion towards a particular topic is almost unique in itself,
which will separate you from the herd of voices online.

The best bloggers today are great individuals, as their opinions are a true reflection of them. They don’t try to copy famous bloggers; they own their individuality, which is the key to being a successful blogger.